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Car City

Preschool · Age: 2-4

Comedy · Edutainment · Adventure
3D CGI Animation
1 episode per week x 5’ (per series)

Car City takes viewers on the daily adventures of friendly anthropomorphic vehicles with exciting careers. Each Car City resident has his own special role, from superhero to inventor.

13 series available:
Robofuse · Super Truck · Tom’s Garage · Baby Trucks · Inven’tom · Tom the Tow Truck · Tom’s Car Wash · Tom’s Paint Shop · Carl Super Truck · Car Patrol · Amber the Ambulance · Troy the Train · Car City Babies


Preschool · Age: 2-4


Action · Adventure

3D CGI, Animated

Robo isn’t a regular fellow, he’s a robot from outer space!

He is on a mission: protect Car City residents from the mischiefs of Zitron, his evil counterpart. To do so, Robo fuses with other Car City acquaintances to get special power ups in order to overcome the villain and save the day.


Preschool · Age: 2-4


Comedy · Edutainment

3D CGI, Animated

Meet Carl the Super Truck, a superhero dedicated to protecting Car City!

Always ready to jump in and rescue a fellow inhabitant in trouble, Carl can transform into different vehicles and use his special multi-tool gadget, the ST3000, to solve any problem!


Preschool · Age: 1-3


Comedy · Edutainment

3D CGI, Animated

Tom the Tow Truck welcomes his friends of Car City in his best-equipped Garage, to repair them or offer them a good Car wash!

Tom is a yellow tow truck living in the peaceful city of Car City. But like every Cars, they get dirty and have breakdowns! Fortunately Tom is here to welcome them to his wonderful Garage and give them good care!