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Investors & Partnerships

Our many years of experience, in combination with a global viewership, enable Amuse Animation to gather data in a wide variety of markets and strengthen our brands’ equity through diversification.

We are witnessing a moment of incredible opportunity for digital-first properties with proven performance on digital platforms. These IPs have begun to rank among the leading franchises of the animation world for retailers, and they have become a channel for driving viewership to streaming platforms when guided by top animation distribution companies.

As platform partners on YouTube and Tencent, Amuse efficiently brings awareness of new shows to international audiences, measures their popularity, and delivers CTR data to support audience reach projections before developing linear shows based on our IPs.


At Amuse Animation, where we have been able to scale production while simultaneously creating excellent original content, the options are endless. Our firmly established distribution channels give us an advantage over other animation distribution companies in a competitive digital content market.

Our proprietary distribution tool allows us to efficiently and automatically program and distribute hundreds of hours of content per month. And our streamlined production enables us to produce high quality content continuously and at profitable points.

“The combination of digital-first IPs and exclusive traditional content creates a unique flywheel of visibility that generates very attractive returns; this is the future of global animation franchises and animation distribution companies.”

Arthur LenerAmuse Animation Founder

Amuse Studios is located in the Canary Islands, which benefits from very special tax rebates, credits, and other financial incentives. International productions can deduct up to 50% of their costs.

In addition, there is a 4% corporate tax rate in the Canary Islands, which means that we can offer our services at very attractive price points. Sales tax in the Canaries is only 7%, with a 0% tax for certain categories related to audiovisual production.


If you are interested in learning more about the partnership schemes we offer at Amuse Animation, contact us today!